Do Not Drink These Beers


Tijuana, BC- Much of the country is in a heat wave, so many turn to drinking a refreshing beer to try and balance the body temperature.

It is natural to have a fixation about the food we eat, the more at a time like this in which obesity in our country is blunt, as the concern of food components, but, ¿ really know what we drink?

The following list contains some of the most popular brands of beer consumers, this is due in large part by the shocking advertising of these drinks. That is why we leave the 5 brands of beer that should avoid drinking:

1. Newcastle Brown Ale

One of the peculiarities of this beer is its caramel color that brings out many other similar drinks, but this hue is due to dye that is added is made from ammonia, which is classified as a carcinogen. Although moderate drinking is a measure that can be used to prevent damage to alcoholic beverages, when you have carcinogenic ingredients it is difficult to reverse these effects.


2. Miller Lite

This popular American beer made from barley GMOs. Therefore one of its components is the GM maize. A list of health problems and environment, which has been taken hold, has drawn the GMO barley as one of the main culprits.


3. Coors Light

Another popular drinks in bars and by consumers of our region for its great deals in supermarkets, calls into question the quality of American beer. Coors Light contains transgenic corn syrup, and includes not only glucose, but it includes Toxic Bt and glyphosate, the latter is classified as “ultra carcinogen”.


4. Corona Extra

“In Mexico and the world is Corona beer,” the popular slogan that puts Mexico as one of the capitals of the best beers in the world, which no longer entirely true, but it is important to note that putting beer the country in high is one of the most harmful beers, this contain syrup transgenic maize and Propylene Glycol, which is a liquid-based clear oil which is based fiberglass, antifreeze, engine coolants and deicing also between components have hygroscopic, acetone and chloroform.


5. Guiness

The popular Irish beer lauded by many “connoisseurs” of beer, impressively is within this list, this contain ingredients that can be harmful to health, among them are, according to studies, fish tail and liver, and a syrup supposedly based on fructose, which was banned many years ago to be highly carcinogenic.


By Esteban Villagomez | Twitter:  @ EstebanVillaGo


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