Ensenada Famous Flag Pole

The monumental flag will be a year without being hoisted on the Square Window to the Sea

The monumental flag, one of the distinctive national symbols of Ensenada, be a year without being hoisted on the Square Window to the Sea
The Watcher in October 2014 documented the lábaro was not placed during the patriotic celebrations of that year, or at half mast to mark the commemoration of October 2.
Now, despite four days until the start of the patriotic month, military officials have not appeared on the site to accommodate the flag.
As was documented at the time, one of the workers said that the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) had “no money” to repair the engine commonly used in raising ceremony area.
The fact was also criticized by Rafael Armando Gonzalez Miranda, who is known as “self-exile of 68” and often lead a ceremony at the Civic Plaza de la Patria to commemorate the student massacre. The man said that by law must be placed flag.
According to his testimony, on October 2 must be the flag at half mast, but “they forget,” that has occurred in the last three years, at least.
There is a decree
According to the Official Gazette, dated to December 20, 2011, it was decreed that the date of October 2 would be added to the other where the flag is hoisted at half mast.
“The date is added ‘October 2, Anniversary of the fallen in the struggle for democracy in the Plaza of Three Cultures in Tlatelolco in 1968’, subsection B) of Article 18 of the Law on the Shield, the Flag and the national anthem, “the statement said.

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