Ensenada Dam Drought

Ensenada, BC – Bushes, household garbage, dead animals and all kinds of waste can be found in the glass of the dam Emilio Lopez Zamora even is used as a road crossing of the colony Flores Magon to the former ejido Ruiz Cortines, but have water, there are only stagnant pools.
 For four years it does not rain enough in the port and south of the urban area, the aquifers have reduced their level because they have been recharged, the last rain occurred in January 2010 when there was a storm that lasted five days, it was the last time you received plenty of water dam.
 But a few weeks ago and you can not draw water there, because it is already very little, is very dirty and has deposits that could affect the water treatment plant that exists in that area.
 The lack of garbage collection in the northeast of the city, has caused residents of several neighborhoods and subdivisions, use the glass of the dam as a clandestine dump, there, in the bushes of more than two meters high, are the vestiges man; furniture, clothing, plastic, paper, everything can be found, while the relevant authorities fail to act to clean or desazolvar area.
 Heavy rain
To alert meteorological centers in the country, US and own Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada (Cicese), which present this year called “El Niño”, ie, heavy rainfall, has not caused any reaction of the municipal, state or federal to
cleaning streambeds or the same water reserve.
 Ensenada risk that overflow their banks in the garbage on them and affect the tranquility of the locals.
 In other cities they have already begun to do the same to try to minimize the impact of the rains, not in Ensenada.
 The lack of rainfall and excessive heat has left a gruesome scene of desolation in the Represo, canotistas have stopped training there, the birds have migrated to other water holes and ruins of houses have appeared in the glass.
 It is time to prevent disaster or at least prevent further damage, it is time that government agencies from the three levels of government, join and ensure the safety of citizens and meet the demands of the population: the dam desazolvar .

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