New ATT Mexico Plans

Thaddeus Arroyo, CEO of AT & T Mexico, explained that both brands will merge to have stores only the AT & T brand.
After the purchase of Grupo Iusacell and Nextel, AT & T company officially came to Mexico and from today you can hire and Internet telephony plans.
 All offer the possibility of adding extra benefits as their North American States AT & T data plan to use hired calls in Mexico in the United States and Canada plan.
 This is the offer they have on the country:
 AT & T All States
 This is the plan of monthly income of the company offering voice calls, web browsing, access to social networks and radio function call Prip.
 They start at 189 pesos and 150 MB of internet to 399 thousand pesos for plans that include Internet 4GB.
 AT & T US your way
 These plans allow hiring monthly telephony and Internet, without a forced contract without additional charges, as they are controlled plans.
 From 200 pesos per month with 500 MB of internet, unlimited access to social networks and 500 minutes of calls, up to 700 pesos plans with 4GB of internet, social networks and unlimited calls.
Your Pack
 The company has already published all the possible combinations of their tariff plans in the old Nextel website.

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