No More Table Dances

In addition to the problems of prostitution and drug dealing that already faces First Street, the operation of two “table dance” is added, which already generates discontent of tenants and hoteliers, whose clients complain about the loud music.
 “We want family holidays,” they said.
 Also, traders and service providers revealed that different businesses have been the target of criminal gangs engaged in theft in different ways.
 Amador said Arteaga Sahagun criminals obtained only one of the shops located on Avenida Lopez Mateos and Macheros, amounting to 40,000 pesos; and two businessmen, including a hotel, were also victims of the thugs.
 The president of the Retailers Association Branch Tourism (Shorten), specified that some of the problems are in the section between the Castle and Blancarte, which seek to integrate tenants in that area to the coordination meetings.
 Arteaga said that Sahagun ask the director of Municipal Public Security (DSPM), Enrique Villarreal Montemayor, the number of elements increases the Tourist Police, and information captured on surveillance cameras is provided.
 They seek to criminalize sale of pipes
Shorten the president said, in coordination with the Attorney General for Justice in Ensenada, Marco Antonio Chavarria Lopez, seeks to eradicate First Street selling pipes to drug use. He said that drug dealers were found in the area.
 “The request we made to Marco Chavarria, is to ensure that, in the California Penal Code, is punishable as a felony that this type of product is sold is made,” he said.
 Even, he said, “the pipes and you can find little shops to stores in the periphery; and expanded and it is rare that the authority is not paying attention to such things.”
 On the sale of narcotics in the tourist area, Amador Arteaga acknowledged that decreases as the Board of Trade, Alcohol and Public Entertainment, performs operational, “but if they do, there is such a rearrangement”.
 These operations, he said, also contribute to eradicate promotions “shots” of tequila that had several properties in the area.
They will review progress
Is expected Monday morning, members of the tourism sector to meet with the deputy attorney, Marco Chavarria Lopez, and the head of the DSPM, Enrique Villarreal, to discuss various security issues.
Related to the action lines that determine the authorities, regarding sale of glass pipes by the established trade, drug dealing, “pullers” bars, “tables dance” prostitution in public places and massage parlors will be addressed , among others.


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