Peso Crashes @ 17:1 USD


ACCOMPLISHED! BRUTAL devaluation Peña Nieto; Dollar exceeded the barrier of 17 pesos, closing today at $ 17.05

Invariably, the “goal” reached the 17 pesos bring the rising prices of goods and services, which boasted both Peña that was not happening. Private enterprise -class “ruler” de facto in this country also has been announcing that start rising consumer prices in several sectors, including food, later this month and early next.

Meanwhile, beware the history on this date: August 20, 2015, the day that the current usurper regime again broke their ignominious record of devaluation of our currency, making the dollar finally reached and exceed the barrier of 17 pesos.

According to the portal El Financiero , the dollar ended the trading day today trading at 17.05 pesos per dollar in retail operations in bank windows Mexico City. Before closing, the dollar was sold up to 17.10 pesos.

Meanwhile, for the corporate market, the interbank dollar also reached an unprecedented price, selling at 16.7835 pesos for intraday trading . This, according to the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), an organization that has been undermining our monetary reserves through auctions useless million.

“Depreciation” of today is equivalent to 1.3 percent of the registered yesterday, 15 cents, while only in so far this year, the peso has lost value against the dollar by almost 13 percent.

The Mexican peso has established 17 record lows during 2015. It has been one of the currencies that have most suffered the sustained appreciation of the dollar in the international market.

“Experts” in euphemisms and fantastic explanations to cover up the economic crisis caused by the current usurper regime, now blame the “expectations of a sharp slowdown in China’s economy” and the prospect of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) to delay plans to begin normalizing “political” money, as a result of the sharp slowdown in the world’s second largest economy, only partially eased market anxiety.

It sounds very compelling for anyone who does not understand that all that talk just means that Mexico lacks sovereignty and independence. True, other countries have also suffered the gruesome games of large speculators in the stock markets around the world, yet they are able to shield their currencies and economies because they have sovereignty. It is not the case of Mexico.


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