Ensenada Event Site

Bajadock: tried to navigate site for other dates, like today, Saturday and Sep 13.  Used 4 different browsers and only received error codes or nothing.  Will hope they fix for success.
 Ensenada BC – In order to promote tourist, sporting, social, cultural and educational events held in the city, the XXI City Council through the Department of Public Relations announced a section on “Events” on the official website www. ensenada.gob.mx .
Alejandro Flores Zúñiga, director of Public Relations said that due to the large number of events taking place in the municipality, the initiative to create a free platform where the community can publish and promote their activity was taken.
He said that from today, those interested can send their event data to be published on the official website of the municipal government, www.ensenada.gob.mx/eventos , appear deployed space where general information of each of events.
Free publication
The official explained that this initiative stems from the concern to have a section where all activities take place in the city, same that can be consulted and published in a completely free are met.
He invited all interested persons as well as developers who are responsible for event organizations to submit full information on their activities to e eventos@ensenada.gob.mx achieved thereby promote and strengthen the dissemination of the work they have performed.
 Flores Zúñiga said the community should send event name, date, location, contact phone and digital poster, so that as soon as possible be published in the new section.

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