Soft Rock, Seafood and Sabor

Teparatres plays Cafe Arabiga Thursdays

Thursdays usually find me in centro ‘Nada enjoying the city, culture and polishing my Spanglish.

Settled in at Cafe Arabiga this Thursday afternoon with Jose/my barista, a frothy latte and a turbo charged wifi internet at 22mbps speed.

Knowing that live music is usually playing Thursdays and weekends at 7pm, I packed up my cafe office at 5 to head out for grocery shopping.  Needed to get items before music event, because some stores close at 9.  Refrigerated the shrimp, chicken and veggies in my car with an ice bath.

After my food & bev’g run, where to eat before music?  Tacos, carne, a cart???

mpnchef (2)

The smiles at Mariscos el Primo Nava were welcoming.  April was my last visit.


Ordered a 1.2 liter Victoria and a campechana cocktail.  The mixed seafood with beer chaser is a perfect flavor combo for a warm summer day.  Looks like the four major food groups are covered here.


C’mon Doc, those cocktails hold a few tasteless scraps swimming in V8, right?  Say hello to my meaty, beaty, big and bouncy friend above.  Primo Nava is on Lopez Mateos at Hidalgo, across from San Nicholas hotel.


Timing was good, making the scene back at Cafe Arabiga at 6:50.  Apologies for the poor audio in the header youtube at top of article.  Teparatres plays soft acoustic rock that is a good mix and volume level for a cafe.  America, Beatles and Latin rock are on the menu.

I enjoyed two sets, music variety, quality guitar skills, solid vocals and light percussion rhythm.  Teparatres are good for your nightclub gig or neighborhood party.


Cafe Arabiga is no alcohol, so refresh yourself with coffee, tea, smoothies, soft drinks and a sweet dessert lineup. They also serve sandwiches, soups and salads.

Cafe Arabiga is on calle Segunda at Blancarte, 8am – 10:30pm Mon-Sat.


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