10 Year Anniversary


Today marks my 10th year without work.  Never truly retired, no big party, no countdown clock, no engraved watch.  I simply stopped working.  Like Peter Gibbons in Office Space, “I’m just gonna stop going.”.

Was going to find new work in 2006, but, a Panama vacation opened a path of toward Latin America.

August 12, 2005 ended a 22 year career.  Will not bore you with that sales gig details, but, I made some money and learned loads.


August 12, 2006 was also a good day.  Accepted a contract from a couple to buy my Colorado home.

publogoThat home was both a big challenge and a lot of fun.  Remodeled every interior square foot, with labor assistance from mom and dad.  They escaped Orlando’s heat for two to three months every summer from 1994 to 2005 to visit.  Mom and Dad nicknamed that house “The Fat Farm”, because they would lose so much weight every summer.

I called that home “Dockerty’s Pub”.



Highlights of that house included a 1,200 sq ft great room, views of Pike’s Peak to south and Mount Evans to west, an 850 sq ft deck(added May 2006), a 3/4 acre lot and location 300 yards from the first tee at Meadow Hills golf course.

Meadow Hills Golf Course, Aurora, Colorado, 6/22/101. (Photos by Ken Papaleo//High Country Coloring) ALL RIGHT RESERVED

Meadow Hills Golf Course, Aurora, Colorado

August 12, 2007, hauled furniture from Chula Vista storage with friend’s motorcycle trailer to the new “Pub”.  Two trips with that trailer moved 2 beds, dining table+chairs, 3 sofas, 2 chairs and a few other items.  Garage door installation was the trigger event to move my stuff in, while finishing touches were completed on my new home.

pubfurtr1  pubfurtr2

The new Dockerty’s Pub is my design, using the best elements of the Colorado Pub, in 1/3 of the space.  Downsizing felt so good.  Traded those Rocky Mountain views for the Pacific.  But, we have mountains here too.


Climate, coast, culture, cost and comida here combine for a great fit.  Salud!



  1. bob
    Posted August 12, 2015 at 07:53 | Permalink | Reply

    Congrat’s Doc. Looks like you left a pretty nice place to an even nicer place. We should all be so lucky. Toast your 10th with a glass of your favorite vino.

  2. Barb Becka
    Posted August 12, 2015 at 09:13 | Permalink | Reply

    Happy 10th Anniversary, Doc!

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