Standard Wine Pour



by staff oeniphile, Vino Bandito

With Ensenada’s Vendimia(grape harvest) cruising and crushing through 3 weeks of fiestas, the topic of wine value is here.  What is a reasonable price for a glass of wine?

Wow, where to begin?  There are as many variables and obfuscation in grape juice as climate change debates and online dating.

Use a $12usd/bottle of wine @ 750 ml example(10-12 dollars retail per bottle of wine is my sweet spot for quality quaffing).   That bottle will cost $30usd in a restaurant.  Typical glass pour is 5 ounces, so a bottle yields 5 glasses.  Add 25% to the glass price to differentiate vs bottle sale and your glass might cost you $8usd.


photo illustration of wine pour differences in popular 11 oz and 18.5 oz glasses, by Bajadock.  A 1/4 inch makes an ounce of  difference in your wine budget.

The past few years,  the trend has been toward 4 ounce pours at $12+usd.  I’m okay with pricey wine for a unique taste or special treat.

But, do the glass back to bottle math.   A 4 ounce glass @ $12 x 6glasses/btl = $72/btl.  75% of $72(the discount for bottle purchase vs glass) = $54usd/btl.  At a 60% gross profit margin, that is a $22 retail wine bottle.

From the restaurant’s perspective, those profit margins are mainstream.  Sales 101: where there is mystery, there is margin(profit).


So, sorry 3 buck chuck guzzlers wanting a $3 glass at a restaurant.  Those days are long gone.  Best that you stay home in your bath robe tonight.

I now expect to pay $10-$12usd/glass of wine out on the town.  But, I’m hoping for grape juice above the mundane Mondavi cabernet level.  And make it a 6 ounce pour!

Drink what you like and drink what you can afford.

Still looking for a better home wine value than Sterling Vintner’s Collection Cab at $10-$12usd/bottle and occasionally on sale for $8.







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