Wine Valley Breathalyzers

Bajadock: ooh this is going to be fun.  Maybe the wineries/restaurants can provide incentives like “get out of breathalyzer test” cards for $1,000mnp spent per person.  The police just got a nice raise in August.  m-o-r-d-i-d-a…sing along with me.
To the latent risk of road accidents during the Harvest Festival, this year the Municipal Public Security Bureau (DSPM) filters installed vehicle breathalyzer to detect drunk drivers.
In case a motorist is caught under the influence of alcoholic beverages and has a record for that offense, it shall be liable to a fine amounting to 2,800 pesos, later to be transferred to the State Prosecutor’s Office.
Drivers intercepted for the first time with alcoholic breath, be reprimanded and taken to the offices of the municipal corporation to avoid handled in that state;They may also contact a family member or close friend as designated driver.
A filters to be installed randomly along the Wine Trail -Take El Sauzal-Valle de Guadalupe, members of the State Police (PME) will be added, with the aim of securing stolen vehicles or capture people with arrest warrants.
They monitor delegations
The head of the DSPM, Enrique Villarreal Montemayor, reported that the first part of the operation that starts today, will be to build more elements and units in the delegations of San Antonio de las Minas, Francisco Zarco, El Porvenir, Santo Tomas and San Vicente .
To ensure the safety of Ensenada and visitors who attend the celebrations scheduled until next August 23, they will also participate Tourist Police officers, because they are trained to provide attention to domestic and foreign tourism.
The implementation of mobile filters will be in charge of Municipal Transit, for that reason eight units, two of which are motorcycles, coupled with the patrols routinely work in the delegations of the viticultural area are assigned.
“The aim is that the Harvest Festival concluded with white balance and are still an attraction for tourism development in Ensenada,” said the official.
Recommendations DSPM
– Carry designated driver
– Do not carry or consume alcoholic beverages in open vehicles
– If you drink alcohol, do so within events
– Abide by the speed limits
– Use seat belts

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    so if you drink at the event and THEN drive, it’s OK!

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