Uber Ensenada

Ensenada, 2 August.- Uber, the controversial cyber business application to request transfers from a mobile device, arrived this week to Ensenada with 12 units.

“We want to take the start of the activities of the Harvest Festival in Ensenada to inaugurate the service of the company,” said Alejandro Martinez, one of the “partners” Uber initiating activities in the most basic mode of application, allowing them to start a service with a “checkered flag” of 35 pesos.

He said he assumed pursue a relationship of convenience with Uber throughout the country, because it allows you to get good profits since virtually no competition when the service is new to a city in Mexico.

“I started with them in the city of Mexico, then I traveled to Guadalajara, several major cities of the Pacific to get to Tijuana. Knowing that Uber approved the service to Ensenada, not hesitate to change my home town here, “he said.

He claimed to be “partner” Uber is not easy because you have to meet several requirements, including having Federal Taxpayers Registry with business, as the partners are the ones who spread the bills for the provision of personal transportation.

“Contrary to what the drivers have reported, the partners hired Uber other insurance and the company is also responsible for damage caused by one of us for up to 30 thousand dollars.”

– Are they practiced a medical examination?

“Yes. We also have psychological, toxicological tests and confidence that make us ensure user safety. The test takes six hours and makes a business of private security company (Uber) contracts, “he said.

He said the company invites interested third parties have a car minimum production of 2008, which must pass a thorough mechanical review in one of the workshops who work directly for the company, which operates in Mexico since August 2013 and globally was six million users in June.

– How many workshops working with Uber in Ensenada?

“They are two, but with the increase in the number of partners in the city will increase their number.”

He revealed that at the beginning of activities in a new city, Uber pay 10 to 12 thousand monthly pesos to its members, regardless of how many services den at that time.

“But when it detects that already have a number of services that allow you to have an important income ceases to repay that amount, but allows you to stay with 80 percent of the value of service.”

He noted that the service offered by partners of cyber company headquartered in San Francisco, California, is lower than that of taxi drivers by up to 50 percent, but acknowledged that their “adversaries” covering various taxes and permits the government to evade them for not having a record as a provider of a public transportation service.

“To give you an example, a service that taxi drivers in Tijuana charge in 200 or 250 pesos, we will charge you 70 or 75 pesos. So they protest. “

Finally, he confessed that once Uber has a significant number of partners in Ensenada, “anything can happen in this year”, he will move to another city to avoid saturation and competition.

“Uber outdone me fine. So I can move in this way throughout the republic. “



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