New Frig


My eight year old Maytag frig has been sick lately.  Received a repair estimate over $250usd, so I decided to buy the new ice box.  Above photo is the new toy.  Looks like it is telling me it is “PO”‘d?

The old frig had been rumblin’ and rattlin in 2015.  When I saw a puddle of water on the floor below the Maytag, I knew our 8 year affair was on the melting rocks.


When designing my Baja house, a rustic look with knotty pine wood lead me to the black appliance contrast.  The stainless industrial style of my former Denver kitchen(below) had lost its lovin feelin.  A black refrigerator is not easily found.  Luckily, my favorite appliance vendor, El Primo, had one in stock at the right price.


Took the functional layout of my Denver kitchen and replicated it in a smaller package here in Ensenada.

Only challenge with the new KitchenAid is the digital control panel that confuses me as much as Windows 8.  But, I did get more food space in this frig at 29 cu.ft.


Thanks, Maria at El Primo, for arranging same day delivery and within 10 minutes of E.T.A.  BYE BYE old Maytag as it rides away in its hearse.

Quality product, warranty, 7 hour delivery, removal of old unit and half price?  Try that in SoCal, youbetcha!


Segunda El Primo, phone 646-177-3177, is located in the Los Globos segunda ‘hood on east side of ‘Nada town.  As with all of my reviews, find  these businesses on the Ensenada Interactive Map.


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