Dollar Record v Peso


Another record high for the dollar $ 16.42

The free exchange rose 14 cents to close at its fifth record in July to 16.42 pesos retail.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
The free exchange rose 14 cents to close at its fifth record in July to 16.42 pesos retail.
Meanwhile, stock markets were dominated by the “fear” and lost amid oil prices downward, minutes from the Bank of England and weak financial reporting in the United States.
In a session that started down the Mexican currency, the dollar in intraday he got to touch until 16.44 pesos, and purchasing 15.82, at branches of Banamex.
Wholesale operations, the peso versus US dollar exchange rate quoted 14.35 cents on Tuesday and reached 16.1250 pesos, a price never seen before, being the fifth time in his record breaking in the seventh month of the year.
The negative sentiment hawkish (restrictive) observed in the publication of the minutes of the last meeting of the Bank of England joined tone said Katia Goya specialist Banorte-IXE.
He stressed that the document showed that for a number of members the balance of risks to inflation in the medium term relative to the target of 2 percent is leaning more upside to the current level of interest rates.
Add to that the favorable profile of the numbers in the US housing sector, where sales of existing homes rose 3.2 percent in June added.
Given this, US markets retreated 0.70 percent on Nasdaq, 0.38 percent and the Dow Jones 0.24 percent on Standard & Poor’s.
In the same vein, the Index of Prices and Quotations of the Mexican Stock Exchange (IPC) fell 1.61 percent to 670.42 44 000 units, and thus bound her second contraction.

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