Costero Blvd August?

It will be on July 31 at the conclusion of the work of regeneration Coastal Boulevard; while the efforts of 40 million pesos for the second stage would cover up to the State Center for the Arts in Ensenada (CEARTE) are made. 
The delegate of the Ministry of Infrastructure and State Urban Development (Sidu) Ceseña Cesar Cuevas said that the implementation period covering the six months as was established with some extensions. 
To date, he said, and concluded with the circulation areas, same that were open since last Saturday.
What remains are the sticks, the left turns and the front of the premises. 
The official said that also need to finish the interconnections of line drainage system of the city, right on Castle Street. 
Ceseña Cuevas recalled that the project has a feature improvement as defined textures and colors to integrate the whole works is developing in different parts of Coastal Boulevard. 
Improve lighting
He added that LED lamps that substantially improved the quality of lighting in each scene of the area, plus cruises have a special treat for the pedestrian integration is given properly installed.
Cesar Cuevas said just completed the project of street furniture and signage to guide visitors on the various destinations, seats, benches, design for the carts, so they do not affect the image that is being determined and regulate waste spill these businesses.
It found that the second stage of the plan, could be consolidated in 2016, so they are already working in the management of other resources.

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