Tijuana Rain Dance Traffic

el mexicano article

Bajadock:  just missed this Tijuana Rain Dance Traffic jam Sunday.

When I first moved to Baja, I did not understand the hysteria about driving in the rain.  Above photo demonstrates the thrill of navigating the border region in a rain storm.  The lack of storm sewers plus “road furniture”, like parked cars, tons of garbage and real furniture in streets and alleys provides many funnels and pipelines to accumulate and speed water flow.


Though I missed the rain dance, my normal free road route(green line above) to navigate Tijuana southbound found a 30 minute traffic delay in north Rosarito.  Part of the mass of cars was a packed MacroPlaza Wmart shopping Sunday.


The true villain was the Free Road to Scenic Road ramp closure, due to construction.



Lucky me having a casual Sunday afternoon to return home.  The clouds and moisture provided cool relief for my earlier Chula Vista, Ca 94F degrees.  When touring Tijuana, always be prepared for re-routing, road closures and finding new sights not planned.

And pack tp in your car for Baja comfort stops.  Never leave home without it!

The Free Road from La Mision to Ensenada is now pleasantly free of traffic.



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  1. […] this is a late post as I learn the new navigation of the new SD Union Tribune.  We did post our near miss of the Sunday, 19 July, Tijuana flood.   Photo below is OH MI DIOS! Flash floods hit parts […]

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