Mexican Drug Politricks

Press box: Chapo paints Mexico as grotesque caricature

Go to newsGilberto Lavenant, monitoreconomico.orgOn Saturday, Mexico dawned whole unfortunate news of police court, but that paints our country as a grotesque caricature.

Without doubt, the news shocked Mexicans. Joaquin Guzman, known as “El Chapo,” escaped for the second time in a Mexican jail. Record, a maximum security. If not at that level, it would have escaped the same day that he was held.

It’s pitiful. The interpretation is that the Mexican government is at the service of drug trafficking. Allowing them to operate almost freely. That when stopped, rather it is for the safety of themselves. While in prison reduce the risks.

These, the drug lords and organized crime, leave the prisons, where they consider it relevant.When you get tired of being on “vacation” in the shade.

And if this happens, when they are supposedly has dominated, without resources to buy wills.What will happen when they are in full freedom, with an army of colabradores and fed sums of money, proceeds of their illegal activities?

You can imagine, that governors, mayors, legislators, judges, police and military officers are at your service. Today all that is said about their power and influence in government structures, is credible.

Everything indicates that the work of the police and military forces are only to control the drug market. To hold hands around and release or protect others. How sad the role of Mexican institutions.

Already, the social bases are poisoned with various drugs. Even from an early age. The effects are remarkable and regrettable. Growing crime, social degradation, prostitution.

Social values ​​are distorted. Many aspire to start a criminal career, rather than think of taking the difficult path of preparation in the classroom, if in the end, with degree in hand and not get jobs and fail the most basic livelihood for their families.

There are young people enrolled in basic education levels, not just to try and achieve career goals, but to gather the records that require them to enter any law enforcement agencies.And from there, to serve the drug.

Someone think that’s an exaggeration, but unfortunately the sad reality of Mexico. In many cases, the idols of youth, are not athletes, ideologues or intellectuals, but characters that have established drug empires.

The Caro Quintero, the lords of heaven, or Chapos are being cloned in Mexican society. In many cases, the most basic aspiration is to become politicians, embedded in public administration and looting government coffers. Overall, though the discovered, they do not do anything.

El Chapo leaks are part of the corruption that plagues the country. Nobody believes that the security guards of the prison where he was incarcerated, alone, decided to help him escape.Either imagined or supposed, there was immediate and superiors, who gave the green light for it. That such “deals” or mochadas, reach high places,

So it is the dismay of the Mexicans. Because there is, to trust, if all government estrcturas, are contaminated. If the dirty money, flowing everywhere.

The cost of this is enormous. It costs thousands of lives blasted by falling bullets, or poisoned by drugs. Decreases production capacity and economic improvement, because thousands of families are homeless and many others live enslaved, economically dependent on illegal activities.

So, are unnecessary alleged economic expectations, because more money flows in the ways of evil, that in the positive.

And no government is able to fix things. Now it needs to propose, prisons and militarize militarise all areas of government, until the Mexicans have the military boot on the neck.With this, the freedoms and rights would end.

In the end, the Mexicans would live under the rule of a dictatorship. Was corrupt, frivolous, inept and wasteful politicians.

Unfortunately, the military is not no ladies of charity. Formed under tough guidelines, equipped with weapons and invested with authority, they are prone to abuse. Superior beings civilians.

To all this it leads to reflect on flight El Chapo. Mexican expectations are far from encouraging.

The delicacy is that those who govern are political, and there are no options that are worth.The PAN, Fox was just a dream gujiro. Now, it is difficult to believe in changes.

Mexico, is on a downward path. Every day, it is going from least to worst. It only remains that a very distant day, Chapo appears as an independent candidate for governor or even candidate to the Presidency of the Republic. Only that lack.c


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