La Bufadora Tenants Alert

La Bufadora tenants alert

ZETATIJUANA  Reporter: Lorena Lamas     Photos. Enrique Botello      July 13, 2015 at 12:00:57

Marketers tourist trade corridor La Bufadora shipped under the threat that at any time, federal agents forcibly take them out of their tents, as the Colonel Esteban Cantú Ejido won in court proceedings for possession of a fraction of the land near the sea, same geyser that have a high rateable value and where the owners are planning to build a shopping center.[bajadock posted La Bufadora development plan in Feb 2015]

On Wednesday morning they rose again on the offensive and in flat state road (Ensenada-La Bufadora), set up barricades with stones, tires and planks, to block the passage of tourists by holiday season arrived in the area and were They surprised by protesters carrying a machete.

It all started on Wednesday, July 1, when the port 300 federal police officers arrived who stayed at the hotel San Nicolas of the tourist area. While staying just walked through the rooms, corridors and restaurant, without knowing the reason for their visit. On the third day they went to the delegation of Otay in Tijuana.It is presumed, they came to evict traders La Bufadora.

When police arrived at the port, the protesters limited access, barriers lifted and unfurled a civil offense on the perimeter in dispute.

Before there were two eviction attempts were frustrated. On 1 December 2014, when more than 200 municipal elements declared incompetent to carry out the eviction and handed the baton to the Federal Government, the January 15, 2015, he sent 150 federal police in riot gear. This last action failed because, apparently, the secretary of Agreements Seventh District Court, Ruben Reynoso, had unsealed document.

The commercial corridor looks full of tourists, but without structure, almost 200 shops are apeñuscados and merchandise is very similar; It is going from medication to souvenirs, food, drinks and bathroom amenities.

Darwin Batallar Gómez, leader of the traders, said the case is in court in Zacatecas, so it would be unlawful to make an intervention at this time.

On Monday 13 July, a commission will seek an interview with the judge, to know the details of the process.

 And City Hall?

 The plane that was unaware of the movement, was the director of Municipal Public Security, Enrique Villarreal Montemayor.

“Absolutely nothing, officially not know, I know it was intended to hold a meeting with the authorities, which never took place, we were always on the lookout for people living near La Bufadora”, he said haltingly.

For its part, the Town Clerk, Jesus Jaime Gonzalez Agúndez said that the only contact they had with the Security Commission was to report that the Feds had the task of attending a coordination meeting, “but the truth is that never was no meeting “, he said.

As a lawyer, Gonzalez said Agúndez in theory while the case is not resolved, the execution of the eviction order should be suspended, but warned, is up to the judge to decide whether to take or not such action: “We know that since January the police were called, but in a personal opinion, the federal force arrived rather late.

“In our view, should not do it because there is a pending incident, but it is up to the judge because everyone acts according to their responsibilities,” he supplemented.

 The uncertainty

 “Lety” is a merchant who shocked on January 6 during the eviction operation, because a group of people from the ejido broke the locks of his business and took the goods. The seller prefers not to remember what lost that day.

Valentina Aguirre, of Jerry’s Curios , has 16 years with the establishment and, after hearing the experience of Lety, feels threatened and has chosen not to supply the business as in other years.

“Able to can come again. We do not want to invest the little that you have because we do not know if they come, will open and they will bear, and I will not. I do limit myself, “she said, sitting at the entrance of the store.

He said Tuesday June 30 to July 7 had three threats warning of the police presence.

 OAS attracts case

 The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights appealed the case after the merchant Ramon Campos Well, interpose a complaint with the international body, considering that the authority violated individual rights; May they responded with file number P-1383-14.

One of the alleged abuses, he said, is that there are two sides to the land owned by the Alvarez and Diaz families who invade a federal area, but these people have not been asked to rejoin the acres that overlap with the agrarian title.

“There are pending lawsuits to resolve, but there is that it is the government that wants to take, because it’s easier for us and then get us to agree with those owners. It is possible that we will remove twenty meters federal land, while their situation will be in dispute, where has seen such nonsense? “He asked Campos.

He said the State Tourism Secretary Oscar Escobedo Carignan, showed them a development project for the area, but unfortunately, traders are not included in the modernization plans. 

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