Uber to Valle de Guadalupe

Uber launches

BAJA CALIFORNIA.- system Uber private drivers, and launched its new form called “Uber Valley” which will specialize in travel to the Valley of Guadalupe in Baja California. This development is driven by demand from users to be contacting drivers for trips to the most famous vineyards of Mexico.

How does it work?

Upon entering the application of “uber”, two new options “ValleX” and “ValleXL”, which have only the difference in passenger capacity will appear. Drivers will wait for care throughout your visit to complete the service return and also will enable the option of dividing rate if everyone wants to cooperate.

The fine print

In short, the user will contact the driver to reach the destination will always be waiting in the parking lot of Valle de Guadalupe for an hour and a half for it to respect the budget indicated in the application, after each hour wait will charge 150 pesos.

“An evening to enjoy Valle de Guadalupe (with approximate standby 5 hours) will cost you about $ 1.130 MXN valleX. Thrill your friends, split the fee and enjoy carefree” is the plan that puts Uber on its website launch.

Surely soon we test the service to make the review of Uber in the Valle de Guadalupe

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  1. Darrell
    Posted April 4, 2017 at 16:18 | Permalink | Reply

    Does this still exist?

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