Tramo de Muerte

Fatal accident in Chapultepec-Maneadero stretch of Highway No. 1, known as Transpeninsular.  Photo: Jorge Gomez / plex file

Bajadock:  This February saw some pothole repair on tramo de muerte.  But, that lipstick on a pig was not much of an improvement.  It is always a wild ride while predicting which car or big rig will be diving into your lane.  Last night, 10 july,  at 6pm, northbound traffic was backed up from the newest Pemex and stop light all the way to the Baja Country Club exit.   Happy that I was southbound.

Ensenada, BC- ( With information from bulletin ) Derived from the need for a stretch of highway that provides security to those who pass through the Ensenada-Maneadero way of Transpenisular Road, PT deputy Armando Reyes Ledesma proposed at its meeting on 9 July, that the legislature makes a strong urge Governor Francisco Arturo Vega de Lamadrid, and Mayor Gilberto Antonio Hirata Chico and the delegate of the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT), to coordinate joint actions in order to carry out improvements, specifically in the section from kilometer 11 to 27.

Reyes Ledesma said it is a priority to have an stretch of highway according to current needs and especially to provide security for motorists in an area with high incidence of accidents popularly known as “the flight of death”. He said it is a citizen’s right to have safe means of communication and quality.

“This time, I am taking this Tribune to resume common and widespread demands of hundreds of residents, visitors and traders who every day are in the need to move the highway section linking area Ex Ejido Chapultepec with Maneadero delegation in the Municipality of Ensenada, in a section comprising a length of 15.2 kilometers, “the legislator during his speech, projecting a video where images compiled from various accidents in that area.

Armando Reyes Ledesma said the Federal Highway Police records from 2013 to date, more than 30 accidents which left 10 people dead and over 30 injured in this section. He added that the constant accidents have led to civil unrest and the creation of movements of criticism and complaint, such as the ” Fed Maneadero Citizens Movement “.

It is worth mentioning that non-governmental organizations, such as the Ejido Nationalist Sanchez Taboada in Maneadero have insisted for years in attention and improvements to that stretch of transpeninsular, and even invested resources to bachear some dangerous points in this section 4-lane road shoulders lacks and is constantly plagued with potholes.


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    bad piece of road for sure… thanks for the update Doc


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