La Bufadora Blockade


Catch against Rancho Packard. Photo: Ricardo Meza Godoy.

Bajadock: all was clear late this Friday morning.  Following quote is from a local message board…

I spoke to one of the shopkeepers regarding the traffic “stoppage” presently being practiced on the Bufadora highway.  He told me he and the other shopkeepers are being threatened with eviction, not by the Ejido, but by the opposing group of “property owners” unless they participate in this pain in the as…er…neck.  Therefore, the fight continues between one group and the other with the shopkeepers and you and I caught in the middle. Ensenada, BC- With a partial blockage to the tourist area of ​​La Bufadora, tenants and their support persons placed a barricade in front of the Rancho Packard, pratically half of Maneadero tour – La Bufadora. The catch made by tires and rocks scattered along the road, began to be installed from the afternoon of Wednesday, according to versions of the same tenants.


Highway checkpoint in section Maneadero-La Bufadora. Photo: Ricardo Meza Godoy.

The step is being allowed only to residents, and all bus or tourist is back the way it came, accompanied by an apology for the inconvenience. Tenants from yesterday fear that federal authorities execute the eviction and ensure that federal police would take care of removing rooming in the city, although there is no evidence of that saying.


Rocks and tires on the road. Tourism can not again visit the site for fear of being evicted tenants. Photo: Ricardo Meza Godoy

Meanwhile the shops are closed and tenants take turns guards at the checkpoint, while on the road can see truckloads of hooded men armed with sticks.


Catch aspects. Photo: Ricardo Meza Godoy.


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