Costero Blvd Tuesday 7 July



2 fotos por Bajadock

Bajadock: my tour of Costero Blvd Tuesday witnessed the demolition of the small slab of defective concrete.  This slab was about the size of most walk-in closets.  But, the suspicious hunk is providing as much public exasperation as a Hollywood starlet’s latest cosmetic troweling with QuickCrete face mix.

I also saw the northbound lanes’ smooth sailing, after the opening from Macheros to Gastelum(top photo), and Ensenada’s glimmering, iconic “Aguja de Cielo”.  Our naked flagpole gently weeps. 

El Vigia

Construction workers removed the debris, because the setting of concrete was not optimal and cracked.

Less than a week of having to deliver the work, the North body urban regeneration project of Coastal Boulevard cracks at various points, so the hydraulic concrete slab had to be demolished and removed from the site.
The Watcher yesterday visited the area to ascertain the withdrawal of unserviceable material between Macheros Riveroll and avenues, and should be open to drivers on 11 July, said Cesar Cuevas Ceseña, delegate of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban Development ( SIDUE), in a statement published last July 1.
According to testimonies of merchants, the withdrawal began between 10:30 and 11:00 hours to 15:30 although barely had filled a dump truck company Aliabaja Builders.
“Accordingly, he heated the sun and thundered,” some workers responded when he asked people to see the Watcher maniobras.El responsible sought to understand the technical issues and the surface will have to be demolished, but employees in charge They made sure I was not because “he had gone material.”
They will open this month
Jose Francisco Estrada, head of Construction and Technical Services Sidu Ensenada, said yesterday in a statement that the damage recorded in 100 square meters of the work.
“We detected laboratory-testing-in a section of the new concrete slab of about 100 square meters, between Alvarado and Riveroll streets, it did not meet the required specifications, possibly by a faulty temperature.
“Therefore, this section of slab will be demolished and cast again without additional charge to the government,” according to the letter.
In the same text, Cuevas Ceseña said that “the work will be completed by this July,” after six months of “intensive work” and “verify construction quality” plus an investment of 40 million pesos.
Reclamation work
1 kilometer of road: from Gastélum Castle
Replacement of water pipes and drainage
Inlets and discharges of water
Rain correction system.
Reorganization and expansion of crosswalks
Use stamped concrete
Reconstruction of curbs and sidewalks
Expanding storage lanes for left turns
Replacement of street lighting systems with underground wiring and LED lamps (70% saving in energy compared to conventional luminaires)
Source: Sidu Ensenada


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