Ensenada Water Woes

Jorge Eduardo Cortes Rios, president of Canacintra Ensenada.  Photo: Ricardo Meza Godoy / plex file.


Ensenada, BC- ( With information from bulletin ) Solving the problem of water shortage in the city of Ensenada, is the responsibility of federal, state and municipal governments in the area of competence of each instance, he said, President of the Chamber National industry (Canacintra) in Ensenada, Jorge Eduardo Cortes Rios.

“But we do not see decisive action by the National Water Commission (Conagua) and the State Water Commission (CEA), who are responsible for the problem has been worsening for 20 years,” he said.

The business leader said the water supply, whatever its source, must be guaranteed by the three levels of government to provide certainty to planning and long-term development.

“The municipality will lead the negotiations and plays represent the population in the event of their just demands and informidades to the precarious water supply to their homes;Similarly with companies that can not develop by lack of vital fluid situation, “said Cortes Rios.

Dump water on Avenida Reforma.  Photo: Rafael Blancas / plex file.
From their perspective, it has lacked determination and political will, “since the alternatives that have arisen, (however) to date there have been no practical solution and the problem continues to worsen to the detriment of the population and economic development” .

He said the two were in Doña Petra Canyon, “which were festinados with fanfare” well, just pay a dubious 20 liters per second of the 120 that had been announced.

What it was effective, he said, it is spending 26 million pesos that “went away.”

The reverse flow, he added, is another work scheduled for late June with 300 liters per second, but was later changed to July 20 with just 100 liters per second, and is also in doubt, “since according to media reports of you aware, sources hardly be delivered on time. ”

He explained that the same applies to the desalination plant that builds a subsidiary of OHL Inima (linked in national media to corruption in Mexico) and whose project “still not known for sure when it will begin operations as the government changes dates and often generates great uncertainty and lack of credibility. ”

Canacintra president said through the statement that even the aqueduct Tanamá-Valle de Guadalupe, to not have the support and management of the State Government or Conagua, still does not have a project registered with the Ministry of Finance , and consequently no budget allocated for its construction.

He felt that even if the project is realized, not be a long term solution because the population growth is just one more alternative, of 285 liters per second, that in the hypothetical case, he said, that the allocation is respected Colorado River water that corresponds to Ensenada.

A Colorado river whose flow has been reduced dramatically in recent years and there is a risk of shortage among the populations of the United States, hundreds of kilometers before they even touch Mexican soil.

The head of the Canacintra said that climate change, droughts on both sides of the border and population growth, “make urgent a greater commitment of the three levels of government to solve the problem long term through construction of the necessary infrastructure and promoting a culture of saving and reuse of water. ”

“In the Mexicali Valley farmers 50% waste water to irrigate through canals instead of using efficient irrigation technologies, without the Conagua do something about it. In Ensenada State Public Service Commission (CESPE) it wastes 25% of water due to leakage from the obsolete network of distribution and pressure variations due to the cuts, “he said.

He said that water would be enough to solve the current deficit faced by the city, while the use in agriculture of 100% of treated water, bring other benefits.

“But for all that happens it takes political will and involvement of the three levels of government and elected representatives in office and those newly elected Canacintra convene soon to discuss the issue,” he concluded.

It is noteworthy that the Canacintra in Ensenada, from the period of its previous president, Mario Zepeda James, was constantly involved in conducting forums, workshops and invited various officials, businessmen and academics linked to the issue of water supply . That is, the issue is not alien to this organization.


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