15 Tramos de Muerte


Enjoyed my toughest workout of the year Thursday.  Did 15 repeats of the “escaleras de muerte” for a total vertical climb of 3,245 feet.

On my 5th set, I was passed at the bottom of the stairs by a young female in moderate physical condition.  Ok, I’m an old geezer and can no longer hang with the 20 and 30 something athletes.  But, who was this young chick hauling bunz?

At approx stair #10, she pulled over in a fit of heaving and huffing.  As I climbed past her, she asked in very good English, “How many times are you doing this?”.  I replied in Spanish, “Terminando cinqo vezes y tengo diez mas vezes.”(finishing 5, 10 more).

She said that she can barely complete two climbs.  I encouraged her to keep working.

For her, I looked like The Flash.  For me, I suffered for almost 2 hours.  I would most likely be sucking the exhaust of my Colorado running and bicycling buddies if they attacked this 25% grade hill with me.

Get this.  Most people I know would be in major trouble attempting one climb on this stairway.  And their climb would include several lengthy stops.  They would also struggle going back down IF they reached the summit.

It does not matter if you are packing 50 extra lbs or have a six pack.  Go get physical today.  JUSTDOIT!

Hope to see that young lady out on the stairs next week.  You?



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