March of the Whores Ensenada

To raise awareness that women must be respected in full and claim that the company cease to justify, condone or minimize sexual abuse, in addition to see guilty to victims, it will be held in Ensenada the first “March of P. .. “.
Miriam Cano, activist and journalist; Karla Pedrín, activist and researcher in social sciences; Karla Avila, psychologist and sexologist teacher; Tadeo Meza, psychologist, and Sashenka Fierro, Women Collective Land, reported yesterday at a press conference on the origin and social significance they want to achieve with the demonstration.
According to the organizers, one of the objectives is to encourage survivors of sexual violence to speak of what happened to them without judgment and help heal the damage experienced abuse.
Also new meaning the word referred to “take away the violent power and it can not be used to harm” in order to build a society respectful of all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation or lifestyle.
Followed by promoting “gender-neutral” education, but not only in institutions but also at home and among peers.
Finally, show how stereotypes and gender roles were imposed, to knock them down and that people can be constructed as free beings in a society without prejudice.
The demonstration began in 2011 in Toronto, Canada, in response to the signs of a police officer who said: “Women should avoid dressing like p … (” sluts “in English) not to be abused.”
From this expression, a group was organized to protest these comments and “challenging myths that perpetuate sexual violence”, the marches have been held in 200 countries and continue to organize to prevent victims remain systematically blamed.
Marche of respect
Day: Saturday, June 27
Out: Monument to Lazaro Cardenas
Hours: 16:00
Goal: Revolution Park

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