Ensenada Sierra Juarez Fire Worsens

The magnitude of wildfire recorded in Sierra de Juarez has overcome the combatants. The authorities decided that would focus on the points where the fire threat to dozens of villages.
Until last night the affected area exceeded 10 hectares, and control was only 30 percent.
Given the situation and the risk that the assets of dozens of families, support to the headquarters of the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) was already asked.
Sergio Avitia Nalda, state Conafor manager, said the lack of water is one of the main problems faced because some gaps are very dejected and others are already without water.
“The high temperatures, erratic winds, topography, low relative humidity, and high forest fuel loads, hinder abatement,” he explained.
Therefore, Sergio Ramos Montes de Oca, head of department of wildfires in California, commented that arrive in the area 150 elements of the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA).
In that sense, Juan Ramon Cruz Dominguez, assistant manager of Restoration and Conservation Conafor, said that in the coming days, from the state of Durango, also come to this town 30 specialists in forest fires technically directed to combatants.
On prevention activities in the area, he explained that the firebreaks that are made of 20 to 30 meters, are no longer sufficient, because wind gusts of up to 40 kilometers per hour causes the fire jump.
By making wider gaps, he continued, a greater harm than the one you are trying to prevent the fire fighting would be generated.
“We have opted to prevention. We recently completed a week of forest culture with precisely this issue of prevention, and other events we have done in other states.”
He also lamented that 100 percent of the fires that have occurred were generated by human causes.
“We have not had losses from natural causes. They have been mainly due to the mishandling of fire debris at times when it is difficult to control burn. We could brechar entire mountain, but no consciousness nothing will solve the problem” he said.
For his part, Director of Fire, Jaime Nieto de Maria y Campos, reported that the machinery remains at the top of the mountain to protect the farms and wooded area.
The official thanked all the support they have received from Tijuana Fire.
Agúndez Jesus Jaime Gonzalez, secretary of the XXI Hall said that in combat actions involved firefighters, elements of public security and cleaning staff beaches federal maritime zone.
In this regard, he stressed that “we were asked to collaborate with our own machinery, and got others with local builders.”
He said that with the support of DIF power is provided to the combatants.
“We have a commitment to monitor the safety of people living in the area and no casualties,” he said.
Fire in the mountains
Affected area 10 000 hectares
Fighters 191
Participating agencies
– Conafor
– Sedena
– City of Ensenada
– City of Tijuana
– Rural Brigades
– Civil Protection Department
– Profepa
Material Resources
– 1 pump machine
– 4 extinguidoras machines
– 18 light vehicles
– 2 army trucks
– 1 helicopter
– 2 machines D-6

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