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Bajadock: There have been reports this week speculating on the quality of concrete used for the Costero rehab project.

El Mexicano

ENSENADA.- The urban regeneration and equipment on Boulevard Costero, which currently holds the state government, with strict controls are performed so that the quality of work is guaranteed, as reported by the delegate of the Ministry of Infrastructure and State Urban Development (Sidu), Cesar Cuevas Ceseña.

He stressed that the importance of this work for the development of the city is well aware, since the objective driven administration headed by Governor Francisco “Kiko” Vega de Lamadrid, with these actions is to provide more opportunities in the tourism and commercial sectors Ensenada and beautify the urban image of the main entrance to the tourist area and improve traffic conditions for people and vehicles.

The Delegate explained that currently a layer of flowable fill concrete is applied by way of hydraulic base and after work based on earthworks; this layer is prior to the concrete slab, which will be the road surface where vehicles transit finally.

“It is a mistake to confuse this layer of concrete with the bearing surface, we had some comments in this regard of people concerned about the quality of the work, because the layer of flowable fill has characteristics of different strength and finish what you will be the concrete slab; we want people to know that this will be one of the finest and most quality ever recorded in the city, “the state official said.

He emphasized that applying fluid fill and hydraulic base is the product of a modern building process, which had not been done in Ensenada, this method provides higher quality work while decreasing time, allowing pull the slab bearing on this material one week.

Cesar Cuevas said the results of laboratory for testing physical and chemical resistance in the different sections have been successful, these analyzes are currently carried out in two stages, depending on the progress of the works.

He recalled that the urban regeneration and tourism facilities Boulevard Lazaro Cardenas (Coastal) comprise one kilometer of road, from the street Gastélum to Castle Street, where the replacement of water pipes, sewer and storm, takes system is included and water discharges, reconstruction of roads with cement concrete, reordering of crosswalks, curbs and sidewalks, reconstruction and correction of laps left lanes, besides painting and marking.

Finally, Ceseña Cuevas stressed that these actions are carried out with federal resources for 40 million dollars and its completion is expected next July.

Divulgan fotos de concreto dañado en el Bulevar Costero

A partir de la primera denuncia pública, más fotos fueron enviadas a El Vigía

martes, 23 de junio de 2015

Divulgan fotos de concreto dañado en el Bulevar Costero

A raíz de la nota publicada hoy por El Vigía, más ciudadanos preocupados por la calidad en el concreto vertido en la obra de regeneración urbana del Bulevar Costero, divulgaron fotografías en las que se aprecian grietas en la primera parte donde fue colado el material.

Conforme a testimoniales de personas que trabajan en otros laboratorios de materiales, los daños están frente a los negocios de venta de comida de mariscos, a un costado de la avenida Miramar.

Las causas pueden ser por “falta de compactación en las terracerías”, por “mala calidad en el concreto”, que no tuvo “buena dosificación”, o un “tratamiento prematuro”.

La parte que fue expuesta corresponde a la zona de trabajo de la empresa OLAC, y la fuente consultada afirmó que no corresponde a la base fluida, sino a la colocación de concreto hidráulico.


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