Ensenada Water Shortage 2015

Businessmen rushing demand for Water

Increasingly critical shortage

Bajadock:  Makro also is the construction contractor for the Tijuana-Ensenada hwy 1 rebuild of the k93 landslide.
Ensenada.net  article posted June 22, 2015 by Karla Lorena LamasNext to the summer, more and more families face problems Ensenada shortage of drinking water, while water projects announced by the state government move slowly denounced the Business Coordinating Ensenada (CCEE) Council.Adrian Olea Mendivil, business leader on Monday accused the agencies responsible for implementing water projects in the port, as is the State Water Commission (CEA) and State Public Service Commission of Ensenada (CESPE), working slowly.

“It’s important that we accelerate, really because it is one of the main topics that the officials should focus rather on other issues,” he complained seriously.

The deficit of water in the city is 300 liters per second and that demand will be covered by the construction of an aqueduct that will attract backflow water from Tijuana through Mission to the port, as announced in March the governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid.

However a few days ago, it was reported that due to technical problems, the aqueduct will provide only a first step 100 liters per second and once you develop the system booster 200 liters remaining will be sent.

Aqueduct investment exceeds 100 million pesos runs the company Makro.

Another concern, said the businessman, is that CESPE has not been prepared in engineering and field for the amount of water from the aqueduct, an issue discussed in a few days with Pemex director Arturo Alvarado Gonzalez.

While public complaints began to arise in social networks, which ensure that the water supply back on par with the monthly bill, which receive only service once a week, in addition to denounce the sale of water pipe


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