Ensenada Fire Season Begins

Photo by Bajadock, 1:30PM Tuesday, 23 June.  2 red tail hawks photobombing the scene from my deck.
The fire has been partially controlled but continued their advance towards the south of the Laguna de Hanson
Tuesday, June 23, 2015
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Fire fighting in Sierra de Juarez

The wildfire season in Ensenada began last weekend with more than 2 000 200 hectares affected in Sierra de Juarez, sinister continues without being checked and progress.
Juan Carlos Noriega, link Broadcasting and Culture Department of the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) reported that due to the magnitude of the conflagration were concentrated in that area 142 elements from different institutions and volunteering.
On Saturday, around 18:00, the fire started near the place known as “The Mazatec” located in the indigenous community of La Huerta; immediately where the first groups of brigades were activated.
The preliminary report up to last Sunday-night was 600 hectares (ha) consumed by fire and 40 percent control;however, during the afternoon yesterday 2000 200 stricken hectares and 30 percent were estimated containment.
Of the affected area, 720 hectares were pastures and the rest of chaparral; from the same Monday morning 6 moderate winds were recorded at 18 kilometers per hour, about 35 degrees and 19 percent relative humidity.
Activate special equipment
Noriega said the topography of the area has complicated combat the flames, and as a result was activated on State Incident Management Team, and expect support with special vehicles of the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT).
In coordination with the Conafor, staff participates in various rural brigades volunteers Tijuana and Ensenada, and elements of the Municipal Government, Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), among other corporations.
36 have been used pick-up type vehicles, fire engines, a helicopter; and for logistics it was installed on mobile command center at the offices of the municipal delegation of Real del Castillo.
Although it is unknown what caused the accident, it was possibly caused by uncontrolled burning, because lightning is the only natural cause of wildfires in California, but not recently registered.
The official noted that the fire did not cause personal misfortunes to regret not injured, nor the destruction of homes was reported.
According to the latest report, the fire moved south of the Laguna Hanson, away from the rural area.

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