Tecate Hwy 3 Shortcut

Bajadock: red line shows new route shortening the big loop(ruta actual) in those hills

Photography: Courtesy.


Ensenada, BC- ( With information bulletin ) The Ministry of Communications and Transport, reported that on Saturday June 13, 2015, enter into operation a new stretch of the Carretera Tecate-El Sauzal (known as Tecate-Ensenada).

With this stretch, they say, the distance of transportation between the cities of Tecate and Ensenada will be shortened. And the opening of the road will allow them to continue to work on incorporating the old with the new road in the area Testerazo at kilometer 45.

SCT director Alfonso Center in Baja California Padres Pesqueira, be mentioned that during this Saturday, when the people traveling from Tecate to Ensenada, will join the new road at the village Rancho Viejo, at kilometer 31 .

In the case of users who circulate Ensenada to Tecate, will be incorporated at the beginning of the hill that is located out of the town of El Testerazo at kilometer 45, he said.

Photography: Courtesy.
During the incorporation process you will have personnel directing traffic and signaling on both points, to avoid any confusion, so ask citizens to use this road, follow the recommendations of the installed signs and respect the speed limit established in the works.

The work undertaken by the SCT were held to replace a line 12 kilometers long, with the new 3.8 kilometer route, which will be a saving in distance of 8.2 km, and consequently time.

With this new line indicate that further have a safer trip, as will avoid passing through an area of ​​curves and canyons, and this road will be used only for local traffic.

The new road has a section of 12 meters, culverts and a bridge 80 meters long with two lanes and berms.

They indicated that this work is within the modernization program Federal Highway, which aims to improve safety and reduce travel times.

Photography: Courtesy.



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