Ensenada Naked Bike Ride Update

WNBR Ensenada Facebook page:

We just get together to discuss what will be the position regarding the WNBR Ensenada Hall Legal statement about our event on Saturday.
The call remains unchanged, ie, we invite interested parties to participate “as bare as you dare”.
We believe that the position of the City does not affect the vast majority of potential participants, since almost all state that “going to take some position.” That is, it meets the requirements of the Law.
But could someone if you dare. In this regard, we propose that the group adopt the posture of “peaceful resistance”. In case anyone dares if to show their “intimate” parts (word used in the statement) we asked is this:
First, anyone wishing to total nudity, wait until the quota is large. Hold out until 10:45 suggest to proceed to full nudity. It could be sooner if we are many.
If the police want to remove the bold, then form a human fence elbow-to-elbow protecting our nudist.
If the police want to break the siege, resisting just enough to have evidence of “police brutality”. You are asked to carry video cameras record every detail. Resistance should be without verbal and physical attacks on our part. We do not want martyrs. As the going gets heavy, break the siege.
If the police decide to break the siege, and allow it peacefully let the nude is arrested. The nude, if you dare, you are asked to ride the patrol naked (or patrols as the number of nudists).
If this were to happen, then as we are a group, we all moved voluntarily to the Directorate of Public Security to carry out the demonstration, at ninth with our bikes on the street.
If someone is versed with the laws, you are prompted to enter along with those arrested for starting arguments. A cyclist lawyer would be ideal.
If the court imposes a fine, we could make a collection among all to free our brave.
Once released, we continue our march back to the point of CEARTE to complete our tour in direction Ruiz bird, fifth, etc.
In conclusion, the demonstration will.
We invite all supporters, whether or not cyclists, to help us with our purpose. We invite Skaters, rollers, surfers, joggers, walkers, bikers, etc., to support us.
Photographers and media are vital to document everything that happens.
WNBR Ensenada, June 11, 2015.


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