Ride Naked Ensenada

Article posted June 9, 2015

by Elizabeth Vargas Ensenada.net

Ensenada on Saturday could be the scene of a nude bike ride in which cyclists take only a helmet, helmet and possibly only tennis … Nothing more.

And that is to create awareness among drivers about the danger of manning a bicycle in Ensenada, they decided to go dressed as they feel when transiting the streets naked and defenseless.

The first parade nude bike, will verificative Saturday June 13 from 11:00 in the morning, starting from beautiful beach along the coastal boulevard to CEARTE and then to the First, the Ruiz and Juárez, Reform, Diamond, First Street, Avenida Rotary, Coastal Boulevard and back to Playa Hermosa.

The objective of this will force the authorities to give more security to those who use these vehicles and how they feel helpless, they will parade as they came into the world.

Although the goal is to be a nude bike ride, they may accept some chaste in his underwear and but with enough sunscreen.

The young organizers of the UABC, UNAM and CICESE.

For more information visit their website 1erwnbr

Bajadock: Pre-ride inspectors needed


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