Baja 500 Spectator Danger

UPDATE: DSPM corrects the number of injured in collision and provides their identities.

Four children and four adults were injured after being struck by a vehicle involved in the traditional off-road race, “Baja 500”, at the intersection of First Street and Avenue Floresta.

Information obtained at the scene, reports that the number 1089 truck driver crashed after losing caused by speeding in the area surrounded by crowd control.

Officers of the Municipal Public Security Bureau (DSPM), announced that the injured had minor injuries, but that merited transfer on that ground were taken to hospital Velmar.

On the site the presence of firefighters and the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), because in the spectacular accident was also lying electricity pole was required.

The wounded are

Mariana Trujillo Anguiano 8 years

Jose Alejandro Trujillo 5 years

Adolfo Aldez 64

Aime Sofia Romero 18

Manuel Leyva 4 years

Nicolas Omar Estrada 8 years

Leandro Solis Arsula 50 years

Nicolas Estrada Mora 54


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