Ensenada Water Woes

Monday, June 1, 2015
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Peña Nieto require water to Ensenada

Bajadock: Have heard from businesses and friends with water shortage problems in May.  Could be an interesting summer.
Solving the problem of water supply for the city should be the only request that need to be done today to President Enrique Peña Nieto said Montaño Rafael Chavez, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Ensenada.
No water, no social, industrial, tourist or business development, said the representative of organized trade in the town.
There are many gaps and needs that exist in the city and elsewhere in the municipality, but the main one is the water without water resources there is no industry, no agriculture, and tourism, Chavez said Montaño.
He added that the list of requests could be long, but make an endless list distract attention from the main issue that overwhelms all sectors.
What good roads, railways, airports, if there is not enough water for daily activities, to serve the tourism industries in the shops? “Asked the business representative.
He also noted that the water supply is the priority issue and even if others are needed, which requires more immediate, prompt and efficient attention for resolution is the relative hydraulic resource.
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Close roads
On the occasion of the commemorative events LXXIII Anniversary Navy Day today Municipal Transit June first conducted the closure of the following cruises: Boulevard Lazaro Cardenas (Coastal) and Caracoles street, avenue Sanginés (Front Street) and Calle Las dunes and Boulevard Lazaro Cardenas and Esmeralda.
The closure will take place from 7:00 to 17:00, at the Municipal Public Security Bureau (DSPM) asks drivers take precautions.

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    I am up at Popotla and I assure you that they are building a pipeline of some-kind and supposedly it’s going to Ensenada. The pipeline is going right through my brothers property. The rational and engineering are not clear. If you would like images check my facebook page at Kate Ward.

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