Baja California Drought Map




The severe drought continues in California and according to the latest report of the Drought Monitor in Mexico Conagua, recording levels are the biggest entity in eight years.

In its report for the May 15 the agency specifies that although during the last 30 days occurred rains were not enough to improve the dry conditions, while two frontal systems and a dry line in the northwest but reduced the abnormally dry conditions , levels of extreme drought continued high with 19.4 percent of the land in that condition.

Since May 2007, these levels are not recorded drought and last year, according to Conagua reports show significant progress. So while May 2014 the area not affected represented 30.6 percent, but most of the affected was moderate drought with 31.26 percent, in January the situation reported improvement with 52.7 percent unaffected with 18 moderate drought percent.

Now the most current report indicates that only 25.2 percent are not affected, but draws attention to the indicator of extreme drought that have registered just 3.3 percent of the territory, now it reached 19.4 percent.

But undoubtedly the biggest problem is not the same drought, but the negligence shown by the authorities for this situation, as not to vary, Baja California is the only entity in the country with this problem and have not been announced actions to address it.

It seems that only the authority concerned when this goes out of control as the water shortage Ensenada, which was specifically warned by Conagua for a decade and nothing was done to address it. The documents are there.


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