Adobe Food Truck Tour

foto por Adobe Food Truck

Joined friends to enjoy the best of Adobe Food Truck‘s tour of gastronomy a few weeks ago.   We did this with the caring leadership of A.F.T.‘s owner, Leda Gamboa Rojas.  Leda, second from left in above photo, agreed to serve us several dishes that would provide our palates a flavor excursion of her team’s fresh offerings.


This was a warm day in El Valle de Guadalupe, so we found the shade of Adobe Guadalupe wine tasting and tienda building’s patio.  With the assistance of our friend and local wine entrepreneur SMP, we purchased a bottle of Adobe Guadalupe winery’s Sauv Blanc and GSM blend to get our taste buds sparkling…



Some side salads, duck confit and the AFT‘s icnonic Iberico sandwich(serrano ham) arrived for sharing.  The duck was something completely new and fun for me and the Iberico is not your mom’s average ham & cheese sammich.  Order it!


Camarones al Ajillo were an explosion of flavors.


Simple, fresh and beautifully presented, this capresse salad offered nice nibbles between the big gnoshes.


Spicy beef tongue, spuds and shrimpies dish cccccbwas a most interesting combo.  The tongue was as tender as a soft cheese.

If you are slightly less adventurous than my usual “surprise me” orders when dining, here was the menu for our Adobe Food Truck tour(changes daily, depending upon local and fresh availability)…



In addition to the fun flavors, Leda was quick to provide excellent service for us this afternoon.  Wine glasses, tableware, napkins, water, a Stella Artois and anything else we needed were brought without hurry or worry.  Big GRACIAS all around from us to Leda and team.


Adobe Food Truck setting is a wonderful way to sample the scenery, food and grape juice of Ensenada’s Valle de Guadalupe.

A.F.T. is closed on Wednesdays and is easy to find on the El Porvenir road(parallels hwy 3) with good signs to Adobe Guadalupe showing the way.  Adobe Food Truck Facebook   phone: 646 117 0627




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    Good times!!!

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