Grupo Modelo Craft Beer

Grupo Modelo offer three craft beers BC

By Luis Levar

Anheuser-Busch InBev owner Grupo Modelo has an offer for craft brewers in Baja California: Cucapá, Mexicali and Tijuana in an operation that would close this year.

According to information from a senior executive of Modelo, the company wants to operate in new areas and because the business of selling craft beer over the Internet has been successful is looking to enter this market with greater participation.

According to the Brewers Association of Mexico (Acermex) for the closing of 2014, 10 million 500.000 liters of beer and general industry (producers, distributors, brewers and suppliers among others) grew 40% were sold, what It led to a market share of 0.16% artisanal and at this rate the association aims to reach 1% market share by 2016.

After major breweries in Mexico, Grupo Modelo and Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma, agreed in 2013 refine their exclusive contracts for the distribution of beer, craft beers had greater access to restaurants, bars and pubs in the country.

However, Grupo Modelo launched in March last in place that not only offers well-known brands from Europe, United States and the classic Mexican beer company, opened a space for craft beers.

Minerva (Guadalajara), Malafacha and Bocanegra (Monterrey), Agua Mala (Ensenada), Mexicali Dark, Primus, Ideal, Ramuri (Los Cabos) and Cucapá Mexicali (Baja California) are some of the Mexican brewers present in this new platform, which allowed the approach to this sector and also opened a new business options.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed but speaks of a generous amount considering that the market value of craft has grown significantly, exceeding 100 million pesos and according to estimates Acermex, at the end 2015 would have doubled.

The three marks by which is betting Model are well recognized and accepted and according to the executive, the investment includes go beyond the acquisition of names, driving an infrastructure to strengthen these products without losing their essence.

In Mexicali Gratianne Mario Garcia, who runs the Cucapá beer, could not be reached for details of the offer and their position.

Meanwhile, yesterday the president of the Tourism Commission of the XXI Legislature, deputy Marco Antonio Novelo Osuna, proposed to amend the Law for the sale, storage and consumption of State Liquor order to encourage the establishment of craft beer factories in the state.

Novelo Osuna said at the forum that craft brewers do not enjoy the same financial leeway that the big companies, so that the excise tax on goods and services is entirely borne by the consumer, according to the reform of September 13 2012 to the Law on Special Tax on Production and Services.

Therefore he pointed out that the Legislature is required to work on a draft amendment to the Law on Sale of Alcohol and alcoholic beverages of the State to regulate the production, distribution and sale of craft beer and municipal authorities, within the scope of their competition implement special permission to build factories Brew “and delete the current archaic system to manage permissions to control the sale of alcohol and alcoholic beverages”.


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