San Quintin Labor Agreement

Ensenada, BC.- Residents of San Quintin and hullabaloo welcomed the 13 agreements reached by their spokesmen between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, having to do, among other things, with the release of four arrested on Saturday past and set for next June 4 payments mechanism 200 pesos for at least eight hours of work.With applause, hugs each other and shouts of “Yes we did, yes he could,” inhabitants of San Quentin were concentrated in the San Juan Copala for a rally where they were released, one by one, the thirteen points established with the state governor, Francisco Vega, and federal officials, including Undersecretary of Labor, Rafael Abas, and the owner of the unit of government of the Ministry of Interior, David Garay.

At the end of the meeting where they established not let their guard down and that this “is the first battle that we won,” he said the spokesperson, a dance was held in the main avenue to celebrate their achievements.

Representatives of day laborers wait for next June 4 to finalize the mechanisms for salary increase.

On this point we read in the agreement, “the state and federal governments and the and the guards make the necessary arrangements with agricultural employers to ensure that the proposal will result in an increase as close as possible to the proposed alliance 200 weights and is retroactive to May 24.

“The federal government where appropriate, may provide the differential to achieve the proposed alliance.”


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