Bajadock: from halfway around the world, I’m happy to read about this week’s rain.  Keep up the rain dances.


Snow falls in San Diego County and Tijuana rains

San Diego, California, May 9. Unexpected snowfall occurred in the last hours in the areas surrounding San Diego.

The storm brought rain and snow to the region’s mountains at a crucial time because of the severe drought that prevails in the region.

The last time it snowed in the region in May was on Palomar Mountain in 1998, although the National Weather Service reported that even snowed in June 1999 to be precise.


Meanwhile in Tijuana Municipal Civil Protection director, Juan Carlos Mendez Torres, reported that the rainfall recorded this morning was 2.5 mm, which is expected in the course of day two cold fronts over strong consideration are presented, the first of them at 13:00 hours and the second around 17:00, same as the forecast rain will increase to 90 percent and raise the storm could drop up to 19 millimeters.

Mendez Torres explained that these variations in the weather, are due to a condition called ‘late winter storm’, which causes drop in temperatures, the presence of water and cold wind, it is an unusual feature to appear at a station winter different year.

Therefore, temperatures remain between 10 and 13 degrees Celsius on Friday; and it is expected tomorrow Saturday at 12:00 hours the status of the climate changes gradually with a decrease in the presence of rain and a slight increase in ambient temperature.


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    A short while back, bajadock wrote a commentary about the strawberry pickers wage dispute with Driscoll’s, and I see this week that our local grocery store in Northern California is selling ‘peak season’ Driscoll’s strawberries for an outrageously low $4.59 for 3 POUNDS! I understand the need to move a lot of perishable strawberries in a short time, but I believe Driscoll’s is selling at too low a price at this time. Great for the consumer, but at what price to the pickers. I would rather pay a little more and see the bounty go to the pickers’ pockets.

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