Dollar at 16 Pesos?

Bajadock:  Our January post predicted a 17 to 1 exchange rate by May.  Looks like that was a dollop of salsa more than reality.

TIJUANA In a manner in the first quarter had a controlled dollar, but it is estimated that by the end of the second quarter the dollar is hovering around 16 pesos, Leos revealed Carlos Martinez, president of the Association of Exchange Centers Tijuana (ACCT).There are some external factors that have contributed to the volatility of the dollar, although the federal government has taken steps, was unable to control the increase in the price of foreign currency, he said.

At the start of the year we saw that the cost soared from 14 dollars and cents to 15 pesos since then has remained between 14.50 to 14.95 purchase and sale, Leos explained Martinez.

The slowdown of the US economy by the ravages of cold in the north, an oil price remains below that predicted, among other factors, have caused instability in the exchange rate.

However, indications are that by the end of June (end of first semester) estimates that the dollar is reaching 16 pesos, emphasized the president of the ACCT.

“It is certainly not a situation to cause alarm among the community, but that’s what they reveal the experts in the field, taking into account factors of the global economy,” he said.

In this regard, President of exchange centers Tijuana, recommended that citizens not acquire loans in dollars, to perform a contract to purchase, sell or rent, do it in pesos.

In this regard, he called not speculate by buying the greenback, so he said if it is not necessary to use dollars to prevent their acquisition. Although you may not well avoid the pair reach 16 pesos.


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