Hacienda el Corralito Omelette




Hacienda el Corralito UPDATE:  Got back to Hac el Corr 2 weeks after my first visit to enjoy the food.  Yes, I may exaggerate at times.  But, this here omelette was the best damn ommy EVAR!

For some reason, mole sounded like it would hit the right spots this morning.  Hac el Corr provides a number of different salsa choices.  I kept the innards simple with mushrooms and spinach.  The potato, veg and bean and tortilla rhythm section provided bountiful support to the eggy star artist.

This Om was folded to look like a loaf instead of the usual taco fold.  Only reason you see the grand canyon middle is that we split this so as not to stuff ourselves before the eat until your burst Conchas Fiesta that day.

Our friends ordered a similar omelette, but, with guac topping.  These pals are regulars at Hac el Corr and claimed that the rest of the food and the burgers were all excellent.  Gotta come back for more.


Enjoyed my first visit to Hacienda del Corralito last week.  This spot is very unique with a sprawling garden patio to enjoy the outdoors or hang under the eaves.  I was needing a spot for coffee and internet on north side of Ensenada.  HdC has been on my DOLIST for too long.



Hacienda tortillas.




I was served a complimentary torta and some bread.


Menu shows most every item in the 70-140 peso range.  That’s $5 – $10 USD for you gringos!  This is a breakfast and lunch spot, but beer and wine are available.  Closes at 5PM.

corrjardinLove this setting and will be back soon.  Map below shows approx 2 miles north of Hotel Corral.  Enter at Pemex El Sauzal and do a uturn around Pemex block clockwise to find Corralito’s parking and entrance.  If you are coming from Ensenada, there is a non-marked entry on south side.  I also use the 16 story Entremar condo building as a landmark(grey block on map) for all of Ensenada’s northern restaurant direction references.  CHEERS



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