Ensenada Bypass Ready to Open

Foto por:(AGENCIAS)
ENSENADA.- propose directors and members of the Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry (CMIC) that the first tranche Bypass dwell Ensenada, from its junction at Santa Anita to Ruiz Avenue in Doña Petra Canyon.The president of corporate body building, Marcos Osuna Macklish reported that the reference section is completed and if anything is missing placing road signs to be used, at least for the transit of trucks.

He noted that the proposal is made directly to the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT), as the instance of federal government tendered and supervised the construction of that section.

libramientomap14mapa por Bajadock

He insisted that is a stretch that is entirely finished until its junction with the extension of Avenida Ruiz, at the height of the so-called old exit to Tecate, meters above the Canyon de Doña Petra.

It’s an area he said, which indeed is already used by those who live in colonies in the eastern area and have to move to El Sauzal or industrial corridor that town, for work.

He said that they will be insistent that its proposal is addressed, as an alternative to prevent further deterioration heavy trucks -more than it already is- the concrete slab Ninth Street and at the same time becomes lighter traffic light vehicles for that road. (bpa).


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