Gasoline Price Lower in Tijuana

Bajadock: 12.21 per liter = $3.21USD per gallon at 14.4 pesos per dollar, my most recent cambio exchange.  Just filled up in Imperial Beach, CA at $3.06 per gallon.  In Ensenada today, 13.57 magna/reg and 14.38 premium. That is $3.57USD per gallon in ‘Nada town IF you find somewhere that provides a full pour.

El Mexicano

The weekly fuel price adjustment on this occasion is in favor of the pockets of consumers, since the cost of a liter of gasoline is reduced by almost 50 cents.

So that from the first minute of Tuesday April 14, the low Magna gasoline 43 cents and 44 cents Premium.

In that sense, the cost of green (Magna) is 12.21 pesos per liter, while the (Premium) Red will be 13.04 pesos per liter.

For the president of the Association of Gas Station Owners of Tijuana (Apegt), Alejandro Borja Robles, this decrease in the price of gasoline is favorable to the consumer.

However, it is still necessary that the price of fuel is reduced, at least two pesos, so there is a greater benefit for both the consumer and the employer.

“We have understood that the state government will ask the federation, through the Secretary of the Treasury, an additional cost of gasoline, the approval according to the price of the product that is sold in Arizona reduction,” he said.

Alejandro Borja, explained that the criteria for approval of fuel prices, is outdated one week which affects the gas station industry in this border city.

We must be aware of the subject of approval, so we as Apegt, will assist the State with figures to support the request to lower the price of fuel.


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