Driscoll Boycott

Oaxaca, Oaxaca, April 10. The Alliance of National, State and Municipal Organizations for Social Justice Valle de San Quintin, today launched April 10 a trade boycott Driscoll company in the United States and all those consortia that enslave and abuse people working in the field of Baja California.

International action to protest the complemented by conducting a mega march of farm workers, which aims to keep alive the movement for better working and social conditions.

“Our people in the Valley of San Quentin suffer many violations in several ranches there are camps where the authorities can not enter because they are prohibited. They have up to 10 hours workday and a minimum wage of 110 pesos, “said Salvador Caballero Julian.

Julián Salvador Caballero, deputy coordinator of the Oaxacan Indigenous Binational Front in Baja California explains that Driscoll’s and other companies sell fruits and vegetables produced in San Quentin, where thousands of Oaxacan people work.

“In the Valley of San Quentin is strawberry season, then follow cucumber and cherry tomato.”Companies that unfortunately has no social conscience and their empires have grown from the blood and sweat of Oaxaca and.

“People who work there say it is worth suffering and work for a just cause, can not keep holding foremen.”

One of the problems associated with the lack of regulation and monitoring of ranches and agricultural enterprises operating in Baja California Norte, is the relationship of the owners with local political groups, and politicians are also entrepreneurs.

“There are governments behind this, in the Los Pinos ranch has high-level officials, therefore do nothing”.

During the weekend there was a protest in solidarity with and laborers Valley San Quentin from United States, a group of at least 50 protesters forced the company Driscoll’s to close its center in Oxnard north of Los Angeles.



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