Costero Road Construction

Bajadock: Inland 3 lanes will begin demolition work next week.  Cheers to the efficiency and minimal traffic problems during past 3 months of demo and reconstruction of the coastal lanes.  Only significant traffic delays were due to Easter tourist volume last week.  I will stay on Costero next 3 months.


El Vigia

The state agency reported that continues to urban regeneration in the Coastal Boulevard (Lázaro Cárdenas) without disrupting vehicular traffic, this week will end with curbs and sidewalks on the stretch of road between the streets and Castillo Macheros .

It was recalled that in order to facilitate vehicular traffic and standardize the operation of the shops settled on Coastal Boulevard during the holiday period of Easter, southern roads body was completed and opened on Wednesday 31 March, however further work was needed in the construction of curbs and sticks, work culminating this week without requiring the closure of the boulevard.

The SIDUE reported will be next Monday when start is given to the works of regeneration in the North body, so that traffic will be diverted to flow through the South body, newly finished. Operating divert already being scheduled in coordination with the municipal authority and outreach and information meetings with tenants Coastal Boulevard is currently held.

Finally, he reminded that urban regeneration and equipment comprise a mile of this road, from the street Gastélum to Castle Street, are works that include the replacement of water pipes, sewer and storm system inlets and discharges of water, reconstruction the hydraulic concrete roads, among others.


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