Ensenada Malecon April Update

Bajadock: Ensenada Malecon improvements progress in time for Easter tourists.  Also, Costero Blvd now has both sides circulating for the busy Easter weekend.  Our Eyewitness Wews Reporter will be fighting the traffic later this afternoon and provide photos of this beautiful 70F degree day.  Those lamp posts on the malecon are a nice touch.  Wonder who the lucky vendor was on those.  Our ENR  spotted those lamp posts still in wrappers late February:


Frontera Ensenada Video of Costero open.


PlexMX Ensenada, BC This Good Friday, hundreds of tourists and ensenadenses enjoy the holidays in various parts of the port of Ensenada, and although they are remodeling work on the boardwalk, two runners were fitted so that visitors could move into the area.

Photos: Rafael Blancas Cervantes.

White C1 © AB2015Rafael

© AB2015Rafael White C5

© AB2015Rafael White C1-3

© AB2015Rafael White C 4

3 White C © AB2015Rafael

© AB2015Rafael White C6

© AB2015Rafael White C1-4

© AB2015Rafael White C1-5

© AB2015Rafael White C1-6

© AB2015Rafael White C 1-7

© AB2015Rafael White C 1-8


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