Here is your Ensenada Costero Blvd April 2 Update on construction.

1. Southbound lanes in town have opened for the first 2 long blocks all the way to the OXXO/McD.

2. Southbound from that point(Macheros Av) is closed all the way to Castillo

3. Southbound from Castillo(11 story Hotel Villa Marina landmark) opens up completely to normal

4. North/south still share inland lanes(2 N, 2 S) from Macheros to Castillo.

Stop sign at Alvarado causes a bit of a backup, but, traffic is flowing just a bit slower than normal.  And Ensenada has a very busy feel this Semana Santa with plenty of people filling restaurants and shops.

Here are my car photos as I drove northbound this Thursday just before 2PM


Ensenada’s world famous flag pole is on display for this big Semana Santa holiday.


Here is the construction at Alvarado.  Watch for the stop signs, north and south.


3 Heads Park getting ready for the big weekend


Centro ‘Nada exit Nbound, entry Sbound was near normal today.


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