My Neighborhood Gym




Yep, I am one of those rare birds that enjoys exercise.  Maybe I have a masochistic devil inside me, as I relish the suffering and accomplishment of high intensity interval training.  Lucky me, living on a hill an surrounded by hills, these little incline monsters provide plenty of variety for my little devil’s punishment.  This is my neighborhood gym.



Monday’s workouts are always vital to set an aggressive agenda for the week.  Yesterday’s workout started with a quick 20 minute chest and arm weight session.  Then it was off to the entry hill to my neigborhood.

High intensity interval training(HIIT) is much more efficient than long slow distance(LSD) training.  A bout of intense exercise(weights, bodyweight movement, swimming, running, bicycling) followed by a period of recovery and repeat is the formula for HIIT.

My knees estimate that I have run approximately 75,000 miles.  And those knees remind me of that every day.  But, I can still run uphill without pain.  Yesterday’s hill work at my neighborhood gym:

4 x 300 yds sprint uphill on 12 degree grade.  Rest is 300 yd “slog”(slow jog just past walking pace) down the hill.

4 x 200 yds uphill,  rest is same slog back downhill.

4 x 130 yds uphill, same slog rest/recovery.

2 mile slow walk final recovery.


Recent discussion on Bhuddism brought up the “have you experienced nirvana?” question from a friend.  I don’t think I have, but, workouts like these come close.

No, I am not as strong, fast and lean as 20/30 years ago, but still enjoy the exhilaration and pride of a bunz kicking workout.  And it provides today’s easy day workout to recover.

Colonia Puerto Escondido Punta Banda

The best exercise equipment?  Mental attitude

What’s yours?


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