Ensenada Semana Santa Police

Bajadock: 6PM Friday, traffic was backed up from Ensenada’s north road construction zone for approx 1/4 mile and a 15 minute delay.  Why?  Semana Santa(Holy Week) vacationers are here.  The construction zone on Costero Blvd is no big deal and traffic runs smoothly there.  But, the entry choke point with extra tourist traffic was the reason.  Almost missed last evening’s fogset.  Thanks, Irene, for this photo of it:


The operating Easter began Friday and will end on April 12, so that different corporations work together to achieve a white balance in this holiday period in the municipality of Ensenada.

The Municipal Public Security Bureau (DSPM) reported that tore the Security Operating occasion of Easter holiday period:

Ensenada, BC With the participation of Municipal and Federal Police and Fire and the Red Cross, on Friday the checkered flag to start the security operation that unfolds on the occasion of Easter holiday period occurred.

Traffic Commander Hector Ruiz López, who attended on behalf of the Director of Municipal Public Security, Enrique Villarreal Montemayor, reported that work by the Municipal Police will be strengthened from this weekend to provide security for locals and visitors .

He said that although the breathalyzer is applied permanently, from Wednesday will be taking place daily in different parts of the city, to avoid mixing alcohol with driving.

He said that they will also be using speed cameras for all drivers respect the limits indicated in each area.

Also, they will be performing filters to verify belt use and that infants are transported in special chairs.

Traffic Commander said that this will require intensified staff schedules and the number of elements in each shift and, in consequence-units Municipal Police circulating in the city will increase.

Coordination with the Federal Police

Coordination with the Federal Police shall at all times, either through the Control Center, Command, Communication and Computing (C-4) or directly between the elements, added the official Héctor López Ruiz.

It is noteworthy that the Federal Police will also carry out actions to ensure belt use, control the speed of road vehicles and provide support for those who remain stranded cars, all in federal highways, especially the Scenic.


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