San Quintin Monday

by AFN Tijuana.
* .- There are at least twenty detainees

San Quintin BC March 23, 2015 (AFN) .- Although state officials have said that progress in negotiations with the hired south of Ensenada and that the situation is under control, the reality is that a group of protesters held in at least two camps that have been established over a wide stretch of road transpeninsular.

Unofficially it was informed Agency Border News that to date there are approximately 20-25 detainees, plus to subdue the protesters, and to avoid repetition block the road, authorities have mobilized hundreds of members of the different corporations, in addition to the Mexican Army.

In the “camp” that have raised the protesters, there are women who prepare their food, and activity starts around three in the morning, although hostile action occurs at five, when laborers come to work and protesters advantage to attack with stones at the police officers.

Some people consulted about what is happening fear that if no satisfactory response from the three levels of government in the coming hours “everything could explode from Wednesday, if not reached an agreement.” They warn that the protesters ask to be paid a minimum wage of $ 300 pesos per day, which considered unlikely to happen, and that the date they are paid just $ 10 pesos per sack of potatoes, large, while the tray tomato “a weight in the Pines Ranch” when they should be paid three to four pesos.

Moreover police elements questioned regarding the situation that exists in this area, said AFN leaders of the movement are already identified, and that these days have arrested 20 to 25 people “in all crashes we’ve had “as they are put in the middle of the road, burn tires and block the traffic, plus the company trucks carrying workers to farms, the stop and go down to force people, while the drivers beat them. They have also been arrested for looting other shops and supermarkets.

As regards the actions in the road, say that the blocked with stones and tires, plus they throw stones at security officers, of whom more than 250 agents throughout the state, members of the State Preventive Police and several more of the “group of riot” and even the commissioners in penitentiaries, “if they were not all of them, we’d had a fuck” said one participant.

They also explained that the demonstrators are holding shotguns firing rubber bullets and smoke grenades and noise, and no shot. As regards the notice given by the State Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, in the sense that they were at least 8 trucks with individuals from various states of Mexico en route to San Quentin, ensured that the area ” has not reached anyone “nor have seen trucks with these characteristics.

Moreover they reported that several police cars were damaged by stones and even the protesters have smashed the windows of armored cars. They considered the other hand, “yes it is a misery” which is being paid laborers in this area.


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